Monday, February 2, 2015

Review: The Jewel

Being special works for and against you.

Violet was chosen to be a surrogate for royalty, who due to a medical condition are unable to procreate on their own. Her pretty face and magic auguries scores, land her on top of the most wanted list and places her with a very prestigious family. But Violet isn't blinded by the riches. She sees how unhappy, jealous and competitive the royals are against one another. And now that one lucky new born will get picked as the future ruler's betrothed, the competition gets even more fierce. Can Violet fulfill her mistress' wish and give birth to a baby in just three months?

All through the book, the surrogates were treated like slaves. They were leashed, coerced into hurting themselves for the royals entertainment, lobotomized -- the list is long. And yet, Violet maintains her survival instincts. Men aren't spared. The handsome ones are purchased to keep lonely girls company until they find husbands. The power division in the society is incredibly corrupt. People are dying of hunger while the rich throw their money away buying humans. Amy Ewing does a great job at heightening the stakes as Violet begins to yearn for her freedom.

A fast read with a compassionate MC and magic rituals.


  1. I had this for Christmas but unfortunately it's still sat on my shelf :-( thanks for the review x

  2. I've been seeing this book everywhere! It sounds so exciting and the cover is gorgeous too! I hope the story is as good as the cover. :)
    Azee @ UnderCover Critique

    1. I really enjoyed. The writing doesn't drag at all :)