Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Review: The Long Haul

Greg's mom is searching for yet another idea to spend some quality family time. And so everyone else must follow and get in the van for a long road trip across the US. Of course, Greg's dad insists on bringing a boat he found in the garage. Rodrick is placed in charge for more responsibility than he can handle. And Manny adopts a pet pig while Greg trying to cope with it all, makes some strange enemies along the way. 

This was Kinney's 9th book in the series, and he proved he still got that funny bone by plotting gag after gag. There isn't a dull moment during the trip. As Kinney says in his youtube video "If you keep coming up with a series of problems for your characters to solve, your reader is going to root that much harder for them." 

Another great addition to the series. 

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