Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Review: Love, Lucy

An exotic love story or a ''what was his name'' fling?

After this summer, Lucy's life is going to get serious. Her dad coerced her to drop acting and pursue a career in management. Goodbye artistic dreams, goodbye hope. But wait! Summer isn't over yet, and what a better place to fall in love and godspeed her dreams than in Italy. What Lucy didn't expect was that saying goodbye to a lover or a dream isn't as easy as it seems. 

Lindner tackled two of life's big choices: love and career. When Lucy bids farewell to Jesse, the boy who stole her heart in Italy, she didn't imagine to pine over him for so long. It seems that every other boy she meets is instantly compared to  Jesse, as she desperately searches to recreate that same connection. Lindner's descriptions were detailed enough to transport us along to the European coast and college. 

Cleverly written, Love, Lucy is filled with passion and romance, talks about the pros and cons of travelling with a girlfriend (what happens with her when you meet a guy), and most importantly why sometimes we are unable to admit we've fallen in love.

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