Sunday, February 15, 2015

Review: Along for the Ride

We regret more the things we didn't do, than those we did.

When Auden opts to take some time off studying and visit her dad, she expects to spend quality time with him. But instead she gets stuck with her stepmom and new baby sister in a small town, that hosts only one coffee shop. Her introvert self doesn't mind the quiet - if only is were quiet. Her dad keeps nagging about his writer's block leaving her stepmom alone to care for the baby. So Auden takes over the responsibility of babysitting and managing the accounts of her stepmom's store. Will Auden ever be able to let go and have some fun?

Dessen won a Goodreads Choice Awards for this novel, and it's easy to understand why. The character development goes deep. Everyone has flaws and qualities, including Auden. As always, a male protagonist is introduced to help balance her out. But Eli isn't just there to fill up the pages. He has scars of his own that need proper attention.Divorce is major topic and profusely addressed although it could have been about 80 pages shorter and still kept it's meaning.

All work and no play makes everyone go dull, so remember to unwind from time to time and go ride a bike.


  1. I cannot lie to you this is my FAVOURITE book I have read it three times!

    1. It's really good. Made me like Dessen more. Hope you have read Someone Like You :)