Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Review: We can Work it Out

Penny, leader of The Lonely Hearts Club (an association for single girls with a broken heart), thinks she can handle it all. Club parties and gatherings with the girls every Saturday night, school, family nights, and of course manage to spend time with her new boyfriend Ryan -- the girl can really stretch her schedule.  Plus, Ryan's so compliant when it comes to organizing his time around hers. He even forgives her for being uncomfortable with PDA, in case The Lonely Hearts Club members resent her for it. But how long will Ryan keep this ''we can work it out'' attitude? Is Penny asking for too much?

Most of Penny's troubles were actually in her head. Creating a single girls group was a fantastic idea, especially one that meets on Saturday nights and spends Valentine's day together. But she took it too far by not wanting to delegate any of the functions. There's no reason to be ashamed of meeting Mr.Right and that is something Penny had to learn the hard way.

Prepare for some teary-eye moments, and giggles as author Elizabeth Eulberg demonstrates how obsessed Penny's family is with the Beatles.



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