Friday, January 11, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday


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Q: If you could choose one supernatural creature to really exist what would it be and why?

A: Hmm, let's see. If I chose vampires there is a chance that I might be turned into one. Eternal life, eternal youth .... An eternity of reading books. Oh, yes!! 


  1. Ooh yes! That would be the best part of eternity!! I would be able to demolish my TBR pile for sure!!

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  2. Great answer(: I didn't even think of that! An eternity reading books, what a wonderful prospect!

    Although I would also have to use that time to get me a library with a rolling ladder!

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  3. Vampires were one of my picks too! I would love to be a vampire just to be able to read books for the rest of my life. xD Hopefully, there would be a way out of drinking human blood though. xD New GFC follower! :D

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  4. Lol. I like your way of thinking! New follower thru GFC and the FF blog hop! My blog is:
    I would choose mermaids because I just finished Madly and in that book they are peaceful creatures who love humans. Plus, they are usually beautiful and can live on land and under the ocean. How great is that?
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    1. Haven't read that one. I'll put it on my to-read list :)

  5. New follower! HAHA!!!! I loved your answer!

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  6. haha great answer! I think I'd be scared if there were vampires running around and I wasn't one of them.

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  7. That is certainly what I would do with an eternity :) Happy reading and thanks for stopping by my FF.

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  8. I prefer werewolves, lot's of sexy ones that like to run around naked:)
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  9. Awesome answer!! Following you back :)

  10. Thanks for following me. Now following you back via Linky and Goodreads. I like the photo. Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampires was just sooo delish.