Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review: Finale

Finale is presented as a large masterpiece, from which Nora is catapulted to be the main player in a war against Nephilim and fallen Angels. 

Is she ready? No. 
Is she willing? Not by a long shot. 

I felt quite disconnected from Nora and Patch in this book. Cheshvan was not what we were led to believe and several loose ends dealing with Marcie and Vee were blown out of proportion. I gave a four-star rating because part of me believes that Fitzpatrick could have taken this book and made two parts. Which would have been quite expensive for some of us. So, I'm thankful that she finished the saga and that I could quickly put this book back to my shelf.


  1. It is crazy that I have not started this series! Thanks for the awesome review. I guess it is time to pick up the first book. At least I can work my way through without waiting for release dates.

    1. Lol, true. Waiting too long for the next book can be confusing.