Sunday, January 13, 2013

Review: Insurgent

Thought I admit the beginning confused me -- having read the first book a while ago and unable to remember all of the secondary characters -- a little reminder would have been preferable. 

Tris is devastated by the loss of her parents, pulling a Bella Swan by becoming reckless and pointlessly endangering her life. And Four's!! The couple's love life is on a roller coaster -- passionate one moment, fighting the next...

But don't worry, they'll be too many things going on to keep these two away on separate paths. For those who might find the start a bit slow, I recommend you hang in there. It gets better.

On another note: Actress Shailene Woodley has been chosen to play Tris on the upcoming Divergent movie. What are your thoughts -- does she look the part?


  1. Lol, kind of different when you've read Divergent just last month (didn't need a refresher). And Shailene Woodley does look like the part. I can't wait till the movie though! ^_^ I just reviewed a couple of week's ago though :)

    ~Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts

    1. Really, I'm going to go check out your review :)

      Shailene does look the part. I hope they pick a handsome Four.

    2. Ooo, me too! *o*
      And I'm gonna go beg my mom to the theaters when it comes out *o*

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  3. Hi,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me!

    This is one of my favorite series!
    I don't think she looks like the Tris I imagined, I guess I'll have to see the movie

    Rivie @ Bookshelf