Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Frustrating Characters

Most Frustrating Characters Ever

Aaargh! Some characters make you want to slam the book on the ground and walk away from it -- something a lot harder to do these days with kindles and kobos. But the frustration remains. So what do we do? 

We vent. 

Here is my top five most frustrating characters ever:

1. Luce (Torment): Finding the love of her life isn't enough for Luce. She kisses Cam, which is understandable. But Miles too? I mean, how many guys does she need to feel complete? Let's just hope she doesn't meet Chris Brown in Rapture.

2.Mia (Where She Went): Poor Mia lost her whole family. But the way she takes it out on her ex is unfair. As if she needs to blame something or someone for what happened, and he is the perfect victim.

3.Elena (The Vampire Diaries): The book is far different from the television series. I mean, c'mon, girls don't make blood oaths to help a friend get a guy. Nor do you tell someone you love him after a few days and take his uncertainty as ''it must be some other girl from his past."

4.Amy (Little Women): Never have I seen a worst sister.

5.Maggie, Clara's Mom (Unearthly): Imagine being from another species and your mom refusing to give you any information. Just bits and pieces here and there. No wonder Clara is always so confused.

Oh, they're so frustrating!!!


  1. I so agree on Luce & Elena, especially the latter in the books and lately in the TV Show. I can't believe girls like them are passed off as 'strong' and 'heroines'.

  2. Yes, I just finished the Unearthly series and Maggie's refusal to dole out info WAS frustrating (even though I kind of understood why in the end:)

  3. Urgh, Amy! Bad sisters are so frustrating in books, partly cos I always wanted one. I still need to read The Vampire Diaries at some point, but Elena does sound annoying!

  4. Haha I can definitely agree with you on Elena!

  5. Boo, Amy. All I can say is if my sister threw my manuscript into the fire, she'd be following it.

    I definitely have to agree with Maggie, as well. Yes, I can sort of understand her reasoning, but hello! Kind of need-to-know information.

    ~Andrea @ Beauty but a Funny Girl