Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review: Solitary


Don't worry it's not a Wheezer, it's me, grunting because I don't think can handle another cliffhanger ending. The thing I like the most about Gordon Smith's writing is that he doesn't breathe. It's action scene, after action scene and this book was no different.

After getting caught escaping, Alex is now locked in solitary confinement. Or if you prefer, a hole in the ground that is sometimes visited by Rats. Zee is with him, genuine and dear as always. And together they find a way to communicate.

But as their plan to escape solidifies, Alex must choose: save himself and leave his friends, or risk staying locked up forever.

Prepare yourself to meet Simon (friend or foe??) and for the grand return of Donovan.


  1. I loved the first three books in this series. The action was heart pounding and I couldn't put it down. When we finally got answers to as to how the prison was created in book 4, I was confused and a bit let down. Still plan on continuing the series. So glad you enjoyed it!

    1. Gah, I have to wait until book 4!!! I better get started then :)

  2. I've been wanting to read this series, but for some stupid reason I never get around to it. I really should move it higher up on the list.

    ~ Lindie