Friday, January 18, 2013

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Q: Who is your favorite villain from a book?

A: Two words .... Annie Wilkes. She kidnaps a writer and forces him to finish his book her way. That's like Martha Stewart holding us against our will to write her jokes.
                                                       It's evil and mean. A true villain.  


  1. Ooh yeah! She's a good one. I haven't technically read the book, and I've only seen parts of the film, but I know the story and she's an awesome villain! :D Followed you back via GFC. :D

  2. haha...What book is this from? I enjoyed that answer. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Ooh thats a good one! i've only seen the movie but I agree!

    Manda C.
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  4. Ha! Nice!! Never saw that movie, but she does look crazy scary! Truly the best kind of villain!

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    Have a GREAT weekend!

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  5. OH MY GOSH! I saw this movie and was so freaked out. Haha, but she is an awesome villain! I hope you have a great Friday :)

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  6. Seen the movie, definitely a creepy villain! Good choice!!
    Have a wonderful weekend :)

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    -Seirra @ Dear, Restless Reader

  7. I have never heard of her! I guess I've learned something new! :D

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    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

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  9. So great! Love your answer. Thank you for stopping by my FF. Old follower :D

  10. hahaha great pick! new follower, thanks for following my blog.

  11. OMG I didn't even think of this one! Great pick! Thanks for stopping by Take Me Away!

  12. I freakin' love her! Well you know what I mean, in the love to be freaked out by her sort of way. Old follower, wishing I could follow again. You are one follower from 100. Woot!

  13. Oh my god! Talk about a true villain. I love it!!! :)

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  14. Excellent choice! She really was evil. I totaly forgot about her.

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  15. LOL, that is so funny! I've never read this (or is this a movie?) but it sounds funny!
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    1. It's a Stephen King novel titled Misery :) the book is much scarier than the movie, since the torture is far from extreme.

  16. Oh! Kidnap a writer and force them to finish a book your way! Hah! Can we do that?! Hahaha! :P I mean, seriously, imagine making authors write your own endings for the characters in THEIR books! Evil, I know, but so cool. :D

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    Happy reading! :D

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  17. Love your choise of villain, Ive nominated you for the Liebster Award, check the post out over on my blog =)