Friday, June 28, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday: I like them hard

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Q: What is your preferred reading format? Hardcover, eBooks, paperback, etc...

My heart belongs to hardcover books. Paperbacks scare me; I'm always extra careful not to damage the spine. And although eBooks are weightless, I tend to skip a lot of the narration. Shame on me!! 


  1. I like hardcover for how they last, but paperback for the ease of reading. Great answer!
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  2. I do cherish my hardbacks. They look so good on the shelf and there's just something about them...LOVE...except when the book is 1,000 pages long it's kind of hard to get comfortable with it. Have a great weekend!

    Traci @ Mad Hatter Reads

  3. My opinion is different, but I guess if you wanna take the extra measures, its pretty logical to read hard covers :) Besides, I do think they're prettier copies. Haha! New follower :)

  4. lol, I love the title of your post- it's a good thing I was done with my cup of coffee! You know, I have heard that people read slower or skip stuff on their e-readers, but I don't seem to have that problem. But I love all books, in whatever format, fairly equally, although Hardbacks are best for displaying too!

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  5. I laughed at the title of your post, it's hilarious! Hardcovers are my pick too.

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  6. You're right, hardcovers are definitely more durable! I'm always worried about the spines on paperbacks as well.

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  7. Yeah I like hardcovers too, but they can be heavy on the wrists. I get the thing about paperbacks though. I am diligent with how I read mine, but I love them because they can so easily fit into my purse so that way I'll have something to read no matter where I am!

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  8. I feel no shame in skipping pages in ebooks either, but it's completely taboo for me to do that to a hardcover.

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  9. Thanks for dropping by, I prefer the weightlessness and freedom with ebooks as well

  10. I hadn't thought about it but you do end up flicking through pages more easily with an eBook. I still love them though. ;-)

  11. Lmao, the title of your post scared me for a second. xD And I totally agree! Hardcovers are so much harder to damage. Paperbacks are just too easy to bend or crease in the wrong way, and with my OCD when it comes to books, that is a horrible, horrible thing.

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  12. I'm in love with hardcovers as well. So much more durable.

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    Becky @ Book Bite Reviews