Sunday, June 9, 2013

Review: Shadowlands

A mom lost to cancer, a dad that is barely present, a sister who can't see past her own nose, a lover who is her sister's ex-boyfriend -- Rory has a pretty messed up life. And to make matters worse, she becomes a serial killer's prey. 

Witness protection provides the family with an SUV and sends them off to an island (an upgrade from where they used to live) providing us with the perfect setting to meet hot, tanned, handsome teenage boys who can court our girls. 

Until Rory's visions begin, switching the genre from contemporary, to thriller, to romance, to sci-fi -- to  -- what exactly am I reading and what happened to the serial killer? Yes, the ending has a twist, but in order to conclude that way, Kate Brian was forced to throw the entire plot out the window. 

Prepare for the unexpected!

Looking for the sequel


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