Saturday, June 15, 2013

Review: Cracked

Everyone has a good and a bad side, but sometimes the bad is so dark and disturbing, the good ain't worth knowing.

That's how Bull is portrayed in the book. He bullies Victor psychologically and physically, even exposing Victor's privates in front of the entire class. Yes, he was taught violence at home. And although his Dad beats him, none of it makes up for him doing it in return.

Cracked isn't an easy read because bullying isn't a pleasant topic. But I found it so difficult to relate to any of the characters. They were too many stereotypes: rich bullied kid who cannot disappoint his parents academically nor disturb their shopping, while poor bully kid lives in a trailer and gets beaten up by his alcoholic father. To be honest, I would have prefered the opposite; it would have set the story apart from so many others.

On the plus side, the stay at the hospital did appear very realistic and the author managed to discuss the benefits of group therapy.


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