Sunday, July 7, 2013

Review: Beware, Princess Elizabeth

Sibling rivalry at its best. 

Mary wants to control her little sister Elizabeth's dating life, religion, and future. Hmm, sounds like an uber-strict parent. Of course, the difference is that Mary is Queen, and if Elizabeth doesn't comply to her every wish she might get beheaded.

Once again, Meyer used a young alert voice, making Elizabeth easy to relate with. One has to admire her struggle to choose her own marital status as she fights everyone by admitting she never wants to get married. Who could blame her after the numerous wives her father had? The book is short, but the tension constant. A great way to have fun and learn some history. 

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  1. I love books on real history. So glad to see you here blogging. There seems to be so many deserted blogs. Thanks for letting me visit and stop over and see me when you can.