Thursday, July 18, 2013

What's My Name Again

J.K.Rowling got so many mixed reviews with The Casual Vacancy:

"Still, this Rowling person may have a career as a writer before her." Kirkus 

"But the worst you could say about it, really, is that it doesn't deserve the media frenzy surrounding it. And who nowadays thinks that merit and publicity have anything do with each other?" The Guardian

It's no wonder she used a pen name for her second post Harry Potter novel. 

Below are some famous YA authors who chose pen names as well. 


Lois Lowry born Lois Ann Hammersberg

Cassandra Clare born Judith Rumelt

Stephenie Meyer born Stephenie Morgan

Ally Carter born Sarah Leigh Fogleman

Christopher Pike born Christopher McFadden

Lauren Oliver born Laura Schechter

Libba Bray born Martha E. Bray

If you were to write a book, would you use a pen name or keep your own?


  1. Oh wow, I did not know so many authors used pen names! If I used a pen name and my book became popular, I bet when I become 80 or something and start loosing my memory, I'd probably start getting my names mixed up :)

    1. Loool... I can imagine all the credit frauds.

  2. Thats difficult.. part of me would want to use a pen name to keep some sort of privacy about my family and personal life. But then it would kind of be cool to have your family name on a book, that somewhere in the future one of your decendants might come across and could pick up and say hey we are related.

    Tough call!

    1. I know. My last name is too long, maybe I would cut it.

  3. Woah, I never knew these famous authors have pen names. I think their pens names are much better than the original ones. I would also love to have a pen name if I'll ever publish book, pen names just provides some sort of privacy I guess.

    @Novels they Wrote or Movies they Made

    1. I wonder where she got Cassandra Clare from :s

  4. I think it's kind of fun choosing a pen name...maybe you never liked your Christian name and you finally have the chance to use that exotic name you've always liked. Or maybe you just want to protect your real name from the stigma of a failure. I think it's smart.