Thursday, July 4, 2013

Review: My Beautiful Failure

Billy's home life is complicated. His Dad suffers from bipolar disorder but refuses to get help, thus convincing Billy to volunteer his free time at a helpline and provide aid to those who actually want it. And then he meets Jenney. Why isn't he allowed to date callers -- what could go wrong?

This book is definitely not a failure for Janet Ruth Young. Yes, Billy is a little geeky, with fears, hopes, and nervousness when it comes to love. But he has a kind heart and it's easy to relate to him. The battle between ethics and love was very well played. Particularly, because Jenney isn't well, and as the story progresses we see just how blind love can be.

I gave it a four star rating because the subplot about his Dad was inconclusive. I'm not too keen when characters drop out of the story line without reason.

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