Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Review: The Summoning

Of all the super powers imaginable, summoning the dead ranks as the worst. No wonder Chloe Saunders prefers to think she is crazy and willingly checks into a clinic; filling her body with meds. But once the other patients start believing in her powers, she will have no choice than to investigate.

The book begins with such a gripping scene, that when Armstrong slows down the pace to introduce the characters, one can't help but get bored. Every teenager in Lyle house possesses an eerie quality -- extra-strength, telekinesis, fire-starter --  and yet Armstrong taunts us by drowning the story with awkward romantic scenes, making us choose between two brothers; a hot passive sweetheart and an ugly aggressive bad boy.

One reason why the book is worth reading is the ending. Bold and shocking, it will leave you running to the bookstore in the middle of the night to find out what happens in the sequel.


  1. Love this series
    Great review!!!

    Have a great rest of the week

    Because reading is better than real life...

  2. I thought pretty much the same when I first read this. I'm actually planning on reading the next in the series in a month or so. I'm excited to figure out what happens!

  3. Great review, I will have to read this. Thanks for letting me visit, great page.]

  4. I'm kind of torn on whether to read this. I'm not toothrilled about reading a love triangle involving two brothers. The girl should have more class than that

    1. I agree. A girl shouldn't come between brothers (lesson learned from Vampire Diaries). Problem is they are the only two boys in the story, so, the choices are scarce, lol.